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Foldable Kitchen Sink Filter Rack

Foldable Kitchen Sink Filter Rack

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🍽️ **Introducing the Foldable Kitchen Sink Filter Rack - Your Solution to a Clean and Clutter-Free Kitchen!** 🧼

Say goodbye to kitchen mess and clogged drains with our innovative Foldable Kitchen Sink Filter Rack. This unique triangular-shaped rack is designed to fit perfectly in your sink corner, saving valuable counter space while preventing smaller food particles from causing drain blockages. Here's why you'll love it:

🧼 **Space-Saving Design**: Its compact, triangular shape maximizes sink space and keeps your kitchen clutter-free.

🔒 **Secure Attachment**: The suction cup bottom ensures a secure attachment to your sink, preventing it from moving around during use.

🍂 **Effective Food Particle Capture**: The fine mesh construction captures small food particles, keeping them out of your drain and protecting against blockages.

🛍️ **Economical and Practical**: This filter rack comes with 50 storage bags, making it both cost-effective and practical for daily use.

🚰 **Easy Installation**: Its elastic and flexible design makes setup hassle-free - no need for complicated installations.

📏 **Specifications**:

- Size (approx.): Total height 21mm, Board thickness 4mm / 0.16in

- Material: Plastic

Say goodbye to kitchen odor and clogged drains with the Foldable Kitchen Sink Filter Rack. Keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free effortlessly. Get yours now for a litter-less kitchen! 🍽️🧽🚰

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