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Glass Automatic Washer

Glass Automatic Washer

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✨ **Introducing the Glass Automatic Washer - Revolutionize Your Dishwashing Routine!** 🍶

Tired of spending hours washing cups by hand? Say hello to the ultimate time-saving solution - the Glass Automatic Washer! This innovative device effortlessly cleans all types of cups within seconds, from classics to baby bottles and delicate wine glasses. Here's why you need it:

🍶 **Effortless Cleaning**: Say goodbye to hand-washing as this washer handles it all with ease.

🧼 **Versatile Design**: It's not just for standard cups; it can clean baby bottles and even custom-designed pieces.

📐 **Product Specifications**:

- Dimensions: 17.5 x 9 x 1.2 cm

- Weight: 550g

📦 **Package Contents**:

- 01 Ultra Automatic Washer 2.0

- 01 T-Connector

- 01 Water Tube

  • Upgrade to effortless cup cleanliness with the Glass Automatic Washer. Say goodbye to the drudgery of hand-washing and hello to a smarter way of keeping your cups spotless! ✨🍷🍼
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